Company Registration
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a global hub for the economy and innovation. Every company operating in the UAE is required to obtain a license through the Economic Departments, granting access to both local and international markets.

The primary mission of the Right Start team is to assist you in selecting the right license and jurisdiction, minimizing the complexities involved. We not only provide advice but also offer valuable guidance for a successful business startup in the UAE, accompanying you at every stage of development.
Establishing a Business in the UAE
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The benefits of incorporating a business in the heart of innovation
Financial benefits:
  • Tax preferences maximize profits.
  • Low taxes ranging from 0% to 9% encourage investment and business development in the UAE
Economic sustainability:
  • The Emirates' robust economy and stable currency provides a sense of added stability.
Total ownership:
  • The possibility of full ownership of your business.
Government support:
  • Access to world-class infrastructure through government initiatives.
Partnership opportunities:
  • UAE government and parastatal organizations are open to collaboration.
Open markets:
  • No barriers to interacting with global markets.
Banking advantages:
  • A wide range of banking services for you and your business.
Growth and expansion:
  • Great opportunities to expand your business, including opening new branches and hiring additional staff
Types and features of company licenses in the UAE
A detailed guide to the types of licenses and their key features in the UAE is provided below. There are several types of licenses for businesses in the United Arab Emirates and each of them is designed for different types of activities.

Here are the main license types and their features for professional, trading and manufacturing companies in the UAE:
Professional License
The type of activity is professional services such as legal, medical, consulting, engineering and other similar services.
Limited to providing only certain professional services.

Usually requires professional qualifications and a license.

Restrictions on the number of employees and types of services the company can provide.
Type of business:
Trading in goods and products.
Allows a company to engage in the business of selling and trading goods.

Various subcategories of trade licenses such as wholesale, retail, import/export, etc.

Usually requires a warehouse or physical place of sale.
Manufacturing License
The type of activity is manufacturing of goods and products.
Allows a company to engage in manufacturing goods, processing materials, or manipulating products.

Additional permits and licenses may be required, especially if the production involves hazardous or regulated materials.
The difference between these types of licenses lies in the type of activity the company intends to engage in. Therefore, before selecting a license type, it is important to determine exactly what services or goods you plan to provide or produce and select the appropriate license type. It is also worth considering regional, local regulations and requirements, which may differ from one emirate to another in the UAE.
Process of obtaining business documents in the UAE
Obtaining a business license in the United Arab Emirates requires strict procedures and compliance. Although the UAE shows favorable attitude towards foreign entrepreneurs, it is necessary to follow each step precisely, because a small mistake can cost the successful future of your firm.
Right Start ensures a smooth and flawless process of obtaining a business license. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you every step of the way, ensuring that everything is done correctly and in accordance with current UAE laws and regulations.
Steps to Launching a Successful Business in the UAE
Right Start ensures a smooth and flawless process of obtaining a business license. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you every step of the way, ensuring that everything is done correctly and in accordance with current UAE laws and regulations.
Step 1:
Define Your Business
Begin by determining the field in which you intend to operate. The UAE offers a variety of licenses tailored to different types of activities, including commercial, manufacturing, professional services, and more.
Step 2:
Choose Your Legal Structure
Select the legal structure that aligns best with your business plan. Options in the UAE include sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), public limited company (PJSC), private limited company (PSC), among others.
Step 3:
Establish a Legal Address
Designate the location of your company as its legal address, which will be reflected in your license.
Step 4:
Register Your Business
Your UAE business must be registered with the relevant regulatory authorities, managed by different institutions across emirates and zones. Consider the benefits and conditions of the UAE's 40+ free economic zones.
Step 5:
Prepare Documentation
Gather all necessary documents, including copies of owners' passports, a business plan, office space lease agreements, and other specific documents based on your business type and legal structure.
Step 6:
Submit Your Application
Prepare and submit your application for company registration to the appropriate regulatory authority, adhering to your chosen emirate or economic zone's rules.
Step 7:
Pay Registration Fees
Complete the process by paying all required fees and charges.
Step 8:
Obtain Your License
After verification and payment, you'll receive your business license.
Step 9:
Chamber of Commerce Registration
In some cases, you may need to register with the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Step 10:
Migration Service Registration
This step is vital for obtaining resident visas.
Step 11:
Ministry of Labor Registration
Officially employ employees, secure work permits for foreign professionals, and adhere to local labor regulations to avoid fines and penalties.
Step 12:
Open a Corporate Bank Account
For efficient business and financial transactions, open a corporate account with a bank serving corporate clients, keeping in mind regional and free economic zone-specific conditions and procedures.

Starting a business requires careful planning. Follow these steps, seek professional advice when necessary, and ensure a successful launch. We strongly recommend working with professionals to make this process as efficient as possible.
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