Right Start:
your navigation to the ultimate heights of business in the UAE.
Every business starts with an idea, and every idea deserves the opportunity to become a reality. If you dream of a successful business in UAE and strive to minimize risks, Right Start is your key to success.
6 years of successful operations in the UAE market
A team of over 20 highly qualified professionals ready to support your business
More than 1000 successful collaborative projects executed
Participation in over 20 keynote speeches at leading business conferences
Our company is more than just a service
We are your personal partner on the path to realizing your dreams.
Together we will determine the best vector of your development and choose the necessary solution for registration of your business in the UAE. Whether you are located in Dubai or anywhere else in the world, our experts are ready to provide proficient support in legal, financial, and marketing matters. Your success as a client is our success. Personal communication and mutual trust form the foundation of our approach.
We are confident - with us your business will be introduced to the market correctly and in full compliance with all UAE laws.
Don't miss the opportunity for successful business development — entrust your venture to our professional team!
Our solutions
Right Start is your trusted partner in the world of consulting. We combine deep industry knowledge with innovative approaches to transform your business challenges into strategic victories.
Our solutions at Right Start include:
Strategic Positioning
We analyze the market, identify unique opportunities for your business, and create a competitive advantage.
Process Efficiency
Our experts understand the intricacies of business processes, offering solutions to accelerate growth and reduce costs.
Next-Level HR Solutions
From talent management strategies to employee development programs, we help you maximize your team's potential.
Financial Sustainability
From budget optimization to sophisticated risk management, our goal is the financial well-being of your business.
Results-Driven Marketing
Innovative strategies and techniques to help your brand capture the attention of your target audience.
Future Technology
We assist you in integrating the latest IT solutions to prepare your business for today's digital challenges.
Global Expansion
Is your brand ready for the global marketplace? We can help you adapt to the new environment and compete successfully on the international stage.
With Right Start, you don't just receive advice; you gain a full-fledged partnership to achieve your business goals. Contact us to embark on your path to success.
Why RightStart?
We are not just another consulting company in Dubai. Our approach is unique: In addition to providing fundamental services such as business creation and support in the UAE, accounting and financial support, marketing and branding, we offer a number of exclusive services, including business relocation and obtaining golden visas valid for 10 years with a suitable basis just for you in the shortest possible time.
Our advantage is promptness and high quality of services.
The experience of our company covers a variety of industries: from cafes, confectioneries, car services, stores, real estate agencies, beauty salons to IT companies and manufacturing facilities.
By choosing us, you are choosing a reliable and trusted partner on your way to a successful business in the UAE.
Our Team
The global experience and local expertise of our employees serve as a reliable asset for successful business operations in the UAE.
Our team represents a symbiosis of local experts and international professionals. Each member excels in their respective field, ensuring efficiency at every stage of our collaboration.

We are genuinely passionate about what we do, with each of us dedicated to achieving exceptional results for every client.
Client Feedback
The Best Testament to Our Expertise
At RightStart, we don't just value our clients—we genuinely love them. This affection is not one-sided; it is reciprocated through the gratitude and loyalty of our clients. Our relationships are built on mutual respect and trust, which has allowed us to foster long-term cooperation for many years.
The rsbm team has done a tremendous job. We brought our company to the market quickly, qualitatively and professionally. From company registration to branding and marketing. We always entrust all legal aspects and marketing only to them. Thank you
Establishing a Business in the UAE
We have all the necessary tools to address your commercial needs within the UAE.
Company Registration
We not only provide advice but also offer valuable guidance for a successful business startup in the UAE, accompanying you at every stage of development.
Registering Offshore Companies in the UAE
The UAE offers tax advantages and flexibility for managing international businesses.
Establishing Holdings and Business Structures
Elevate your business to new heights in the UAE! Enhance profitability, reduce taxes, expand financing opportunities, and enjoy unprecedented freedom in capital management.
Market Research and Business Plan Preparation
At Right Start, we understand the paramount importance of a strong beginning, which is why we stand ready to be your reliable partner.
Renewal of Commercial License for Business in the UAE
The renewal process involves the submission of specific documents, with requirements sometimes varying based on the organization's type.
Company Termination
Winding up a business in the UAE is a complex procedure that demands specialized knowledge and experience.
Visa Services
Say goodbye to the complexities and bureaucratic hurdles of applying for a UAE visa.
Trademark Registration in the United Arab Emirates
Securing your brand's protection in the United Arab Emirates through trademark registration is a foundational step in business development.
Document Legalization in the United Arab Emirates
Right Start offers a comprehensive range of document legalization services, including professional certified translation, extensive support, and access to a vast international network of agents.
Selecting Commercial Premises for Your Business
Choosing the ideal commercial premises is a critical step in propelling your business to greater heights.
Assistance in Obtaining Tax Residency Status for Individuals
The UAE presents unique tax advantages for individuals.
Assistance in Obtaining Tax Registration Number for Legal Entities
Every company registered in the UAE must possess a Tax Registration Number (TRN).
Banking Support
Banking transactions in the UAE come with their own unique intricacies.
Human Resource Record Keeping
Our experts excel in the dependable and efficient management of your human resources.
Audit Services
An effective audit is crucial to verifying the reliability of your accounting records.
Maintaining Tax and Accounting Records
Accurate and timely bookkeeping is a cornerstone of a successful business.
Brand Development and Marketing Services
Marketing in the UAE is essential for success, but sustainable brand development is the key to long-term excellence.