There is no corporate and private income tax in the UAE, but since 2018 a Value Added Tax (VAT) was introduced. Besides, there are a few spheres of business that are taxed. That is why companies and their owners may need to clear some questions out.

At RightStart we are always ready to find various solutions for any question and help our clients be sure that all the necessary payments are made on time. Our experts have an individual approach to every company and help to fill in all documents, deal with tax issues for foreign companies and save you from double taxation and other problems concerning taxation.

Rightstart's Tax Consultation Services include

Direct Tax Services

If you want to open a company in the UAE and live here with your family, it is better to make sure that you do not have to pay taxes to your native country. The necessity to pay tax to two countries is called double taxation. We find a solution to any legal problem with direct taxes. Our agents will deal with the tax authorities and represent your company`s interest and consult you on filing tax returns or minimizing tax liabilities.

VAT Services

If you sell goods in the UAE it is compulsory to pay Value Added Tax. IRADA`s agents will help you deal with all the procedures concerning registration, calculation planning and exemption of VAT. Moreover, if you have any problem with filing VAT returns, we will do this for your business within the set period.

Service Tax

If you provide services of any type, you are obliged to pay service tax. We offer our support while registering, calculation and planning the tax. And you may be sure that you won`t pay any extra money. If there is an opportunity to minimize the service tax, we will advise you on how to do it. We are glad to consult you on any questions about the tax law.

Our Direct tax services will help avoid double taxation and at the same time safeguard you from being caught in legal issues for tax avoidance. Our agents will represent your company before tax authorities for any matter including assessments, survey, seizure cases or appeals. We will file your tax returns and will consult you on how to minimize and manage tax liabilities under tax laws in UAE.

When it comes to VAT, at Irada, we will provide you with a variety of extensive services related to VAT registrations, calculation of VAT liability, filing periodical returns, procuring statutory forms, VAT certificate for exemption, VAT planning and assisting with any VAT/Sales tax compliance.

If you are a service provider of any sorts, then your business is required to pay service tax. Our expert agents at Irada, will assist you in registration of service tax, calculation of service tax, filing of service tax returns and will advise toy on tax planning and minimization. Our agents will also provide you with preparation of records for service tax credit and any other records required under service tax law.

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