A Public Relation Officer (PRO) is a representative of a business who is responsible for any paperwork and dealing with the government and authorities. Among their duties, you may find application completion for labor cars, visas for you and your family, passport clearance, business licenses and many others. The other important reason to get a PRO is the opportunity to have legal consultancy on any issue that a business can face during setup or operating. The work of a PRO does not only save time but also saves you from long research on how to fill out all the necessary forms required to start a business. That is why you need to get one in RightStart. 

With wide and considerable experience, our PROs guarantee the clients to get through all the official and legal procedures without any disturbance or problems. We have worked all around the UAE and know the peculiarities of the requirements of the Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai Immigration department, the Ministry of Labor and other important departments.  

PRO Services that we offer

  • Processing Documents and Applications in the Labor, Immigration, and various other government departments
  • Immigration Card Application
  • Labor Card Application
  • Legal Documents attestation
  • Processing documents for new and existing employees
  • Registration of Copyright & Patent
  • Trademark & Product registration
  • Application of No-Objection Certificates (NOC) from the government departments
  • Legal Document Translation to Arabic
  • Application or Renewal of business licenses
  • Documents clearance from Dubai Municipality and Chamber of Commerce

Visa Services

To travel to the UAE one does not need to get anything more complicated than a tourist visa, but it is important to understand that it will not be enough to get a job in the UAE or to start a business. So, you will need to get through a procedure of obtaining a residence visa for yourself, your workers and your family in case they go and live in Dubai with you.

Residence visas can be categorized as:

Employment visas

This type of visa is necessary for foreign job seekers coming to the UAE and it is issued by the Immigration Department. All the applicants need to get approval from UAE Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs before obtaining the employment visa.

Partner visas

Businessman or investors looking to start an establishment in Dubai and operate in the local market need to get this type of visa. It gives an applicant the right to live and create business in the UAE for up to three years without prolongation.

Family visas

You can come to the UAE with your family if they get a family visa. Spouses, children up to 18 years, or parents may live in the UAE if your proved income is enough to sponsor them. It can be obtained by family members of the UAE residents with both partner and employment visas.

We offer visa services in Dubai, UAE for both individual and corporate clients. Our PROs will make sure that all the necessary forms are filled out correctly, the applications are meet all the requirements. 

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