To get a loan from a bank or to raise money to form a venture capital, you will have to create a detailed and structured business plan to ensure investors that your company has a future and is potentially profitable. That’s why it is important to carry out scrupulous feasibility studies and find out how to start and promote a business.

What should be considered while completing feasibility studies?

Feasibility studies include all factors that can lead a business to success or cause its fail. For example, they can observe the market circumstances, economical risks and potential profit. It definitely must identify the general idea and the vision of the company, all the weak points and advantages of the business.

The best and easiest way to do it is to involve a professional team of market researchers who are able to define your target customers, point out your company`s strengths and weaknesses, find the ways to multiply the opportunities and escape risks. 

Why RightStart?

Our team of experts has a vast experience in business setup and all the steps of it, from idea and planning to launching and operating. We are aware of the local market peculiarities that assures our clients of successful setup. We will provide you with a thorough market research, identify your company`s Vision and Mission, create a plan of attracting new investments and development based on SWOT and PESTLE analysis.

We can provide you with a plan for all major industries like Education, Hospitality, Health care, Trading, Logistics, Restaurants, Manufacturing, etc. Our team do carry out all the studies independently and we have and individual approach to every business we setup with our clients.

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