Accounting & Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping and Accounting are really important for any business as they help to record the flow of finance in and out of the company. Bookkeeping is a day to day record of transactions, invoices and receipts that go through the company. Accounting is collecting more prominent pile documents made on the basis of bookkeeping reports which are used as a tool for analyzing the company`s work, filing tax returns and making official financial reports. Besides, they are considered while planning the budget of the company and predicting its financial development.

At IRADA, we take care of your company`s bookkeeping by collecting and keeping daily financial records including invoice producing, payroll completion, posting credits and debits and creating and maintaining a general ledger along with historical accounts and subsidiaries

Furthermore, IRADA can provide you with accounting services such as business financial statements preparation, Income Tax Return completion, etc.

What we offer

Producing invoices

Completing payroll

Posting debits and credits

Maintaining general ledger, historical accounts & subsidiaries

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